| Best Wearable Sport Gadgets
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Best Wearable Sport Gadgets

Technology has changed the way to work out and comes to your aid with the most advanced gadgets that allow you to keep tabs on your fitness progress and your weight loss achievements. The utility of sports gadgets can’t be discussed as they are probably the most efficient way of keeping your workout sessions efficient. Wearable sport gadgets are innovations that you can take with you anytime you exercise and enjoy their multiple sports benefits. Check out the latest and best devices that help you monitor your workouts and achieve the best results.

Sportiiiis Cycling Monitor

If cycling is your passion, you will need a gadget that will help you get more benefits from cycling without endangering your health and safety. Sportiiiis is a device that allows you to monitor your stats in a safe way by offering you accurate details without you having to get distracted from cycling. The device is mounted on your cycling glasses and features 6 LED that indicate your heart rate. Plus, there is a voice alert feature that reports your speed, cadence, and power. This gadget costs $149.

Jawbone UP3 Fitness Tracker

Fitness trackers are widely known in the sports field due to their amazing ability of monitoring the workout performance. Jawbone UP3 is a top product in a slim and lightweight design that makes it comfortable to wear so you can get 24/7 monitoring. It measures your heart rate, keeps track of your sleeping cycles, monitors your physical activities including walking, and acts as a personal coach. This high-end fitness tracker is available for $129.

SkyGolf SkyPro Golf Swing Analyzer

Golf lovers are certainly familiar with golf swing analyzers and they know how this device can help them become a better player. SkyGolf SkyPro is one of the most efficient of its type due to a bunch of features that allow it to be accurate, easy to use, and efficient. You need to mount in on the handle of your golf club and it will measure tempo, clubhead speed, rise angle, path, putt length, shaft lean, and more. The measurements are then wirelessly sent to a phone app so you can take a closer look at your golf swing and correct your mistakes. SkyGolf SkyPro now costs $170 reduced from $200.

Bushnell Neo Ion GPS Watch Rangefinder

Another sport gadget designed for golf players is the watch rangefinder that combines the functions of a watch with the precise measurements of a golf rangefinder. Bushnell Neo Ion GPS is a new generation watch that uses GPS signals to detect and measure the distance to a target and shows you the stats on the wide display. It’s as comfortable as a regular watch and its features include auto course recognition, hazard and layup distances, auto hole advance, and an integrated step counter, all for the price of $175 reduced from the original $200 price.