| Futuristic Concept Appliances We Might Use in 2020
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Futuristic Concept Appliances We Might Use in 2020

Have you ever wondered what type of appliances we might use in 2020? 4 years in the future and the world will be a very different place. Most appliances will function with a touchscreen and plenty of their features will be connected on your smartphones. Therefore, in order to inspire you, we have gathered a few futuristic concept appliances we might use in 2020.

The Bio Robot Refrigerator

This seems incredible, but 2020 will come with plenty of innovative appliances. For example, one of the most amazing projects of the future is the Bio Robot Refrigerator. In fact, this is a good-looking, gel appliance of the future. This type of refrigerator will use a special gel which will suspend and cool food once inserted. It is created to be mounted horizontally, vertically or even on the ceiling. Furthermore, it will come without a motor or other technology like most refrigerators. To use this refrigerator, you will have to shove food into its biopolymer gel. Actually, the gel uses luminescence light generated at cold temperatures to preserve food. However, this is only a futuristic concept and we don’t know if will become a reality someday.

The futuristic dishwasher

We all know that contemporary dishwashers are bulky, taking up a large part of the kitchen. According to several futuristic concepts, the dishwasher will be smaller and sophisticated. Moreover, they will use less water and some of these appliances will be built into other objects. However, one of the most interesting projects is an eco-friendly dishwasher, which doesn’t use detergent or soap. This ”soapless” dishwasher will be small, convenient and detergent-free. Moreover, this type of kitchen appliance features a ”Membrane Technology” which will separate the food particles from water. As such, the water is clean and it can be reused in the next wash.

The minimalist dryer

When it comes to dryers, in the future, everything will change. From its design to several features, the futuristic dryer will become a more convenient robot. Firstly, the traditional dryer will become smaller and more useful. Secondly, its functions will be available via a connected iOS or Android app. Actually, these home gadgets will be created to serve as both a design statement and functional appliances.