| How Modern Technologies Make it Easier to Live with Disabilities
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How Modern Technologies Make it Easier to Live with Disabilities

Today, the technology advanced and most companies are trying to satisfy the needs of customers by creating all sorts of innovative devices. Moreover, when it comes to a disabled person, there are plenty of interesting and useful things which you can’t even imagine. From the most advanced mobility scooter to several modern stair lifts, technology will provide performance and innovation. Therefore, in order to inspire you, we will teach you more about how modern technologies make it easier to live with disabilities.

Kenguru Electric Car

Some of the wheelchair users are passionate drivers, so the Kenguru electric car comes to their aid. This is an electric car with various modifications and adoption, which allows disabled people to be more independents. The Kanguru car feature LED lights and can run up to 25 miles per hour. It has 2 motors in the back and its batteries take about eight hours to recharge. Moreover, this electric car has a portable wheelchair ramp which will make the transportation of disabled people more accessible. Despite its steep price $25.000, the Kanguru electric car provides performance and efficiency.

Braille Smartphone

Have you ever wondered how complicated life would be if you will not see anymore? Nowadays, several companies have found various solutions to solve this problem. One of these solutions is an intelligent smartphone especially created for those people who have trouble seeing. The Braille smartphone has been designed with a screen comprised of a grid of pins. These pins can move up and down to form into Braille shapes when a message or a call is received.

iBot Stair-Climbing Wheelchair

The iBot is a special wheelchair designed to handle rough terrains. This unit not only can navigate any terrain, but it can also go up and down staircases. Its advanced technology allows it even to elevate at eye level. This gadget comes with two sets of powered wheels which have the ability to rotate and climb up and down stairs. Despite its high price of $25.000, most people with mobility issues choose to use the iBot wheelchair because they want to enjoy more freedom to stand upright and climb stairs.