| Techy Kitchen Gadgets that We All Need
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Techy Kitchen Gadgets that We All Need

Everybody knows that kitchen gadgets are some of the most useful investments that people can make. More than that, several gadgets are e real aid and help us save time and money, too. Therefore, when it comes to technology, there are a lot of techy kitchen gadgets that we all need in our kitchen.

Ratio Eight

Most coffee makers have a traditional look, often offering the impact of a plastic unit. It’s not the case of the stunning Ratio Eight. This exorbitantly priced ( it costs around $580) coffee maker incorporates luxury materials into its impressive design which includes metal, ceramic, glass and wood. The Ratio Eight comes with a water reservoir and a carafe which are made from hand-blown glass and give the Eight the lasting look of premium furniture. It is 14 inches tall, 11 inches wide and it is supported by a base that’s 9.5 inches deep (approximately 35.5 by 28 by 24cm). Furthermore, it weighs around 12.5 pounds. Additionally, the Eight is designed to brew a maximum of eight cups of coffee at a time. Most people choose to buy this type of coffee maker because it is easy to operate. You just have to remove the water tank cover which is in the middle of its top surface. After that, you have to pour the liquid through the wide until the reservoir is filled. Make sure you put the grounds into the brewing chamber and place a cone on top of its glass carafe. Once activated, the unit will drip hot water into its filter to saturate the grounds, and when the brewing is complete, its ”ready” light will be illuminated.

Chef’s Choice Diamond Hone 120

If you want to preserve the true flavor of your vegetables and fruits, you should opt for an electric knife sharpener. By using this type of unit, you won’t change their taste and appearance. The Chef’s Choice Diamond Hone 120 is a durable electric knife sharpener available on the market. This kitchen appearance features two slots for sharpening and a separate slot for polishing. Additionally, it has a 100% Diamond Abrasive which will not deteriorate with time. However, if you are thinking about buying a Chef’s Choice Diamond Hone 120, you should know that it produces noise while sharpening knives and it needs counter space. Moreover, the unit will come with a professional guide which will help you use this sharpener like a pro.